Hoyerswerda, why not?

Werbekarte WHYHoyerswerda is located in the middle of the up-and-coming region of the Lusatian Lake District. More than 20 lakes of the Lusatian Lake District are only a stone’s throw away from HoyWoy, as locals affectionately call our city. The quality of life in this city builds upon various factors: short distances, strong economic networks, a committed citizenry, attractive living space for every desire, high-speed Internet, a wide range of leisure activities and plenty of socio-cultural meeting places offer 32,000 inhabitants a pleasant place to live and thrive.

We are seizing structural change opportunities!
With the development of the „LebensEnergieStadt“ (LifeEnergyCity) strategy, Hoyerswerda and its municipal affiliated companies have already outlined more than 20 projects in six key topic areas in 2019, which will be successively advanced. Together with many stakeholders from the urban community, we are working on the successful implementation of structural change.

We have a diverse and interconnected economy!
>> 1,591 companies in the city area (manufacturing, trade/services, transport and crafts)
>> Over 18,000 companies within a radius of just 20 kilometers
>> 20 national industrial companies
>> Strong economic networks: Wachstumsregion Dresden (Dresden Growth Region), Wirtschaftsinitiative Lausitz (Lausatia Economic Initiative), LEADER, OSZV
>> Supra-regional job portal for skilled workers, interested parties and those returning
>> Strong academic and scientific network connected with colleges and universities.

Our urban society is open and dedicated!
>> Numerous initiatives and associations in the areas of civic participation, integration, environment, democracy, education, social affairs and sports.

Lifelong learning and top-quality childcare are important location factors!
>> 20 daycare centers – no problems finding a daycare spot!
>> 4 elementary schools | 1 high school | 3 grammar schools | 2 special schools | 4 vocational schools
>> Regular educational conferences with local and regional stakeholders
>> Our own strategy paper „Bright Minds“ for the continuous development of this educational location

We are professional, efficient, open and experienced!
>> We have our own building inspection authority: building permits or permit exemptions can be processed quickly
>> Close collaboration and interlinking between specialist groups
>> Coordination at short notice any time on current developments and permit issues gsthemen 

ocal recreation, leisure activities and cultural enjoyment directly on site!
>> Everything from high culture to socio-culture: Lausitzhalle as a cultural and conference center (up to 828 seats) | Lausitzbad | ZCOM Zuse-Computer-Museum | Energiefabrik Knappenrode | KulturFabrik | Zoo and castle | KRABAT-Mühle from the famous 1971 fantasy novel ‘Krabat’ | CineMotion cinema | and many more.
>> Europe’s largest artificial lake district right on your doorstep

Some facts and figures
>> State: Saxony
>> County: Bautzen
>> Lord Mayor: Torsten Ruban-Zeh (SPD)
>> Mayor: Mirko Pink (CDU)
>> Area: 95.45 km²
>> Inhabitants: 31,326
>> Districts: 5

Transport situation:
The federal highways B 96 (Zittau – Berlin – Saßnitz) and B 97 (Dresden – Guben) cross in Hoyerswerda. The distances to the federal highways are about 46 kilometers to the BAB 4 (junction Hermsdorf), 37 kilometers to the BAB 13 (junction Großräschen) and 37 kilometers to the BAB 15 (junction Cottbus).

Distance to other cities:
>> Berlin 162 km | 2:44 h by public transport
>> Dresden 79,3 km | 1:26 h by public transport
>> Leipzig 178 km | 2:10 h by public transport
>> Görlitz 85,8 km | 1:46 h by public transport

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Hoyerswerda, why not?